icon 接機/送機服務 Pick-up service

icon 術前諮詢 Surgery Consultation

您可以透過電話、FB留言、email、Line、WeChat告知您想要諮詢的手術、希望改善的部位和相關照片、 預計手術的日期,並留下您的基本資料和聯絡方式,黛安娜醫美診所專業的護理客服秘書會跟您聯繫,回覆您的需求。
In case, you would like to have the surgery consultation, you could through the contact methods as follow to tell us the kind of surgery, the portion need to improvement and related pictures, the estimate date of surgery, also provide us your basic information and the way of contact, we will try to reach you and reply your requirements.

  1. 電話(Tel):+8862-2536-3678
  2. facebook粉絲團(Fan Page):https://www.facebook.com/Diana62
  3. 諮詢信箱(E-mail):service@diana-clinic.com.tw
  4. Line@:黛安娜醫美診所(Diana Anti-Aging Clinic)
  5. Wechat ID : dr-fairy


icon 確定手術項目及時間 To confirm the surgery item and time

Once confirm the surgery item and fee, we will arrange the time of consultation with doctor, checkup and surgery, also you need remit the down payment to our designated bank account, the balance amount of surgery fee shall be pay on the date of surgery.

icon 赴台入住旅館 Come to Taiwan and hotel check in

Let us know the arrival time and the way of contact in Taiwan. If necessary, we could help you to arrange the airport pick up service.

icon 來台交通資訊 The transportation information

松山機場( Song-shan airport ):
To take MRT from Song-shan station to Nanjing Fuxing station, then take green line to Songjiang Nanjing station and from #1 exit turn left walk around 3-5 minutes to clinic.
桃園機場 ( Taoyuan airport ):
To take bus (time table) from airport to Taipei station, then take MRT red line to Zhongshan station, then take the green line to Songjiang Nanjing station and from #1 exit turn left walk around 3-5 minutes to clinic. Or take taxi, the fee around NT$1,000-1,200.

icon 旅館資訊 Hotel information

大倉久合大飯店 ( The Okura Prestige ) 五星級飯店★★★★★
地址(Address):台北市南京東路一段9號( No.9, Nanjing E. Rd., Sec.1, Taipei )
( To take city bus, to Nanjing Jilin station, the walk around 1 minute to clinic. )
六福客棧 ( Leofoo Hotel ) 三星級飯店★★★
地址(Address):台北市中山區長春路 168 號 ( No.168, Changchun Road, Taipei )
( To take MRT to Songjiang Nanjing station, then walk around 3-5 minutes to clinic. )
兄弟大飯店( Brother Hotel ) 四星級飯店★★★★
地址(Address):台北市大安區南京東路三段255號 ( No.255, Nanjing E. Rd., Sec.3, Taipei )
( To take city bus to Nanjing Jilin station, then walk around 1 minute to clinic. )
第一大飯店 ( First Hotel ) 三星級飯店★★★
地址(Address):台北市中山區南京東路63號 ( No.63, Nanjing E. Rd., Sec.2, Taipei )
徒步約30秒會到診所-正對面 ( Take a walk around 30 seconds to clinic. In front of clinic. )
長榮桂冠酒店( Evergreen Laurel Hotel ) 五星級飯店★★★★★
地址(Address):10455台北市松江路63號 ( No. 63, Songjiang Rd., Taipei )
( Take walk around 8 minute to clinic )

icon 進行手術 Surgery

  1. 手術前一週請停止服用感冒藥、賀爾蒙劑、各種補藥,如有必須服用之藥物或藥物過敏應事先告知醫護人員。
    Please stop to take medicine one week before the surgery, which include medicine for folds, hormone, any kind of tonic. In case the medicine have to take or allergy, let us know in advance.
  2. 鄰近手術前若出現感冒症狀或呼吸系統異常時,請主動告知。
    Please let us know you catch cold or respiratory system abnormal near the date of surgery.
  3. 醫師會根據情況評估是否可能延後手術。
    The doctor will evaluate your situation, to decide to postpone the date of surgery or not.
  4. 手術前請盡量避免吸菸、喝酒、熬夜,保持作息正常將有助術後恢復。
    To avoid smoking, drinking, staying up all night before the surgery, normal work and rest will help your surgery recovery.

icon 術後護理 After surgery's nursing

黛安娜的護理師會細心教導您術後照護須知,並安排回診拆線時間, 我們將持續追蹤與關心您的復原情況,術後有任何疑問也歡迎隨時與我們聯繫。
After surgery, our nurse will instruct you the treatment rules, and arrange the date of remove stitches, we will continue follow up and concerned about your situation of recovery, after surgery, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

icon 返程回國 Return to your country

手術後返國時,如需開立證明 以便移民局確認身分用,診所會主動協助開立。
Once you need back to your home country after surgery, if necessary, we will help you to issue the certification for the immigration office to confirm your identity.
We will continue follow up your situation after you back home through the phone, e-mail, Line and WeChat, also you could contact us any time.